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Confidence empowers you to be the best, happiest and most powerful version of yourself

Confidence, like many other desirable human qualities, is a skill that takes a little patience and time to master. Although some people can be born with confidence that knows no boundaries, many of us need a little boost to get our self-assurance to the ground. It is, however, an essential skill for any entrepreneur. We all know someone who oozes confidence wherever they show up. There’s no need to be envious. You, too, can be confident with a little practice. So what can you do to establish or reinforce your confidence? Acquire knowledge through experience It may sound obvious, but knowledge is the key to confidence; the more you know, the more confident you’re going to feel. Be eager to learn, to be confident. “The best way to build confidence in a given area is to invest energy in it and work hard at it”. Always, be open to receiving feedback or asking for support. Use the expression, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out,” to learn how to be confident. Practice speaking out in public If you feel nervous talking to others, don’t worry; you’re not alone. When you need to give an important presentation, brainstorm questions others might […]