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How to overcome anxiety and establish successful relationships

Three simple tips to resolve social stress and strengthen professional ties.

How often do you talk about building relationships consciously? It’s not easy, and it might be stressful. While most people often equate stress with its harmful effects, known as anxiety, stress can also have a stimulating effect, known as eustress. When a person meets an unfamiliar experience, such as working with a new team or starting a new job, eustress can be activated. As a leader, you know the importance of building strong relationships. Can you spend enough time to build positive client, group and partner relationships? Strong relationships do not develop immediately, but it is possible to learn relevant skills and activities.

Three simple tips to resolve social stress and strengthen professional ties.

How often do you talk about building relationships consciously? It’s not easy, and it might be stressful. While most people often equate stress with its harmful effects, known as anxiety, stress can also have a stimulating effect, known as eustress. When a person meets an unfamiliar experience, such as working with a new team or starting a new job, eustress can be activated. As a leader, you know the importance of building strong relationships. Can you spend enough time building positive client, group, and partner relationships? Strong relationships do not develop immediately, but it is possible to learn relevant skills and activities.

1. Develop an awareness of your emotions

Through carefully thinking about your daily actions, it is important to devote time to developing your emotional intelligence skills. Be mindful of the language of your body and the language of the people around you. Try to decipher their nonverbal communication while you interact with someone. Do they use any tone?  Turn your feelings into something productive and positive when you feel irritable. Why don’t you keep a diary and talk about how your experiences affect your emotions? You will easily see patterns and trends that you didn’t know existed, and it will accelerate the strength of your relationships. Evidence has shown as an added bonus that emotional intelligence reduces stress because you can control your emotions better.

2. Build a bridge between different groups

Spending your time with the same groups of people feels safe, but this is not how a productive network is built. Leadership is about far-reaching effects and transparent, inclusive networks are built up by the most effective leaders. Try to identify synergies between different groups and make connections and identify people who can benefit from each other. Research has shown that the most effective leaders form open networks and benefit from weak ties. The most promising opportunities usually occur through second-or third-degree connections. Through widening your relationships, you open yourself to new points of view, gain a fresh perspective, and strengthen your emotional intelligence and relationships.

3. Be a donor

Relationships are about giving and taking, but showing affection and being a giver is much more effective than being a taker. A slew of negative feelings, including jealousy, anger, remorse, and sadness, are thwarted by compassion and generosity. Yes, it has been shown that appreciation results in 23 percent lower stress hormone levels, including cortisol and adrenaline. Try to approach partnerships in search of ways of helping others. Can you provide them with mentors?

Could you recommend an important skill tool for them? Can you provide valuable advice to them? Can you have empathy with them and help them improve their minds? Loving others give them appreciation and recognition. You are sure that you have your interests at heart and trust yourself and will enhance your ability to lead and that your stress levels by providing support to your team members.

You’re going to feel a greater sense of belonging and a part of something special. As a leader, the partnerships determine how far you’re moving, both professionally and personally.

Through building positive personal connections, you will enrich your life and your work, so take these three steps to improve your friendship and raise your performance. I guarantee that you will live a more productive, rewarding, and meaningful life. Most importantly, take good care of yourself.